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Oriel Davies Open 2018 | Winners Announced

The launch of the 2018 Oriel Davies Open brought visitors from far and wide to a gloriously sunny evening in Mid Wales not only to see the exhibition but also to hear the announcements for this year’s awards. ODO18 presents wonderful talent across a breadth of disciplines: ceramic, film, painting, sculpture, animation, collage to name a few. Twenty-six artists and artist collectives have been brought together where works made by those still studying rub shoulders with those from more established careers.

Three awards are part of the Oriel Davies Open tradition. Two are selected by the panel including; overall prizewinner who receives a cash prize of £1000 and an invitation to have a solo show at Oriel Davies and a student prize winner who receives a cash prize of £500. The third is the People’s Choice Prize where visitors to the exhibition have the opportunity to vote for their favourite work. The artist to have received most votes by the closing date of the show wins £250.

The selection and judging panel included Sacha Craddock, Writer and Curator; Matthew Collings, Artist, Writer, Critic and Broadcaster; Jane Simpson, artist and Director, Galerie Simpson; Steffan Jones-Hughes, Director, Oriel Davies and Alex Boyd Jones Curator, Oriel Davies.

Overall Prizewinner

This year the selectors decided to award the overall prize to Cardiff artist Cecile Johnson Soliz for her command and use of material and consideration of form in relation to space and architecture.

Cecile says about her work, “I am enamoured with drawing and sculpture. The relationships between these, the space they occupy and the quality of light that makes them visible in an exhibition are always a part of the work. I draw on paper with charcoal in a traditional way. I also draw in a more physical way that is sculptural, using gestures and actions that are familiar such as stuffing, wrapping, gathering…Sometimes I combine works and place them together so they relate specifically to one another and to the space of an exhibition. Objects exist singly or grow up in pairs or larger numbers. I like to be responsive to a building’s dimensions, design and architectural features as well as the light it lets in.”


Student Prize Winner

The £500 Student Prize was awarded to Rachel Magdeburg who is undertaking a Practice-based PhD at the University of Wolverhampton.

She says about her work, “For the past year, I have been painting objects from life, and from my life, as a way to engage with things around me, and to stop looking at my laptop or mobile phone. There was a need to simplify things, look and spend time with materials. Or to coin an insidious propaganda phrase, 'take back control'. However, each decision and 'simple' context I begin to work in becomes complicated by a set of political narratives and becomes everything but trouble-free. The objects I have been painting are all part of my daily life or belong to people I know: fruit, vegetables, my old passport, notebook etc. However, each one is anything but 'everyday' and they address my complicity within a capitalist society. I often paint with my hands or combine a mixture of different paint types and techniques. I am hooked on the history of painting, the medium and the practice.”

Published 27 June 2018
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