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Criw Celf - The Best Stand Award at the Powys Careers Festival

Stand after opening - The stand attracted crowds of young people

Oriel Davies staff were delighted to win the best stand competition at the Powys Careers Festival on March 7th.  This was the first time that any art organisations had exhibited at the festival, and the gallery were pleased to play a part, along with Peak and NAWR in spreading the message that the arts are an extremely positive choice in education and as a career.

Bethan Page who leads the Criw Celf project for Oriel Davies and Helen Kozich of Oriel Davies' Learning Department designed the stand and devised activities to engage the 2,000 plus visitors to the festival from across Powys.  The colourful and creative stand drew large crowds and involved arts activities with artist Amy Sterly and a competition to list as many careers in the visual arts as possible - some help was given with this task as labels with over 80 occupations in the creative industries were displayed all over the stand. Participants commented that they were amazed at the number of Arts jobs that exist, from games designers and film-makers to costume designers and art therapists.

Winner of the competition and a set of art materials was Josh Pointon from Llanfyllin High School who named a very impressive 94 jobs in the creative industries, including many that weren't provided in the display.  Bethan Page of Criw Celf Oriel Davies said "Congratulations to Josh! We were really impressed with his entry - we hope that he gets great pleasure from using these art materials and comes to visit us at Oriel Davies. It was a great pleasure to meet Josh and all of the other young people who came to see us.  We hope that our presence at the festival has drawn attention to the fact that the arts are an excellent career choice."

Steffan Jones-Hughes, Director of Oriel Davies said, “We are delighted that we had the opportunity to attend the Fair and that we won the award for the best stand.  At a time when the arts in education is under increasing pressure, we feel it is important to highlight to young people the range of career opportunities that exist in the growth area of arts and creative industries.”

More information about Criw Celf at Oriel Davies - http://www.orieldavies.org/en/criw-celf

Published 13 March 2018
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