Ysgol Cedewain GCSE Art Exhibition

23 June – 19 July | Oriel Davies Education Room

Oriel Davies is please to host an exhibition of work by Ysgol ... more >

Writing Freelance Features with Lara Clough

Students will explore the techniques of both print and online journalism. Topics covered will include finding and researching potential ... more >

Art as Research Seminar

Artists will discuss the challenges of communicating visual arts research work to a wider audience. Unpicking the relationship between outcomes and ... more >

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Outreach project to encourage recycling in school building a sculpture to contain milk bottle tops

Developing creativity, visual literacy, thinking and communication skills through the arts

Collaboration & Partnership

Oriel Davies’ exhibitions and artists’ projects provide a diverse and inspiring resource for supporting learning across the curriculum. Our most successful projects with schools and colleges are developed in partnership with teachers and pupils. We particularly welcome approaches from teachers with an idea they’d like to pursue with us, or who would like to explore how future teaching could benefit from using our exhibitions and artists’ skills to support their schemes of work in new and exciting ways. Such projects could combine exhibition visits, artist-led workshops, outreach activities at school or other sites, and even opportunities to take part in exhibitions at the gallery. 

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Help with Funding

Arts Council of Wales’ Experiencing the Arts Fund can provide grants to help schools with travel and activity costs and we can advise you in your application.

Find out more www.arts.wales


For self-led group visits, please let us know in advance by contacting desk@orieldavies.org / 01686 625041.

To arrange a workshop or guided visit with the exhibitions in this issue, or to discuss a future collaboration with us, please email Helen Kozich, Learning Officer (schools & colleges) at helenk@orieldavies.org.


Oriel Davies develops and undertakes outreach projects, workshops and artists residencies in schools. 

Further Information and Bookings

Contact Helen Kozich, Learning Officer (schools & colleges) on 01686 625041 or email helenk@orieldavies.org.

Archive Resources & Information

Learning and Participation Reports
Download the 2015-2016 report here

Radical Craft: alternative ways of making
Celebrating the inventiveness and creativity of artists working outside the mainstream, this exhibition provides a wealth of construction techniques, ideas and inspiration for pupils and teachers to use: