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A Site For Un-building

Date: November 2004
Writer: Robert Clark
Publication: The Guardian, Guide

Alec Shepley and Steve Dutton present a 21st century take on the 19th century romantic folly or contrived ruin. Vacuous rooms are modelled out of raw plywood and stacked to create high-rise towers which in turn are haunted by photographs and video films of city landscapes. The constructions are deliberately disjointed, ‘built and unbuilt’.

The romantics wanted people, landscapes and artworks to carry the traceries of their history to such an extent they would fake the ruination. But Shepley and Dutton’s DIY nightmares might be seen to reflect a culture of almost terminal uncertainty, in which an indulgent disconnectedness appears to have infected the very sub-structure of our public environment. Let’s face up to it: nothing collectively stands up or holds together any more. Then again, maybe that in itself is a quite intriguing aesthetic after all.