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Making our Mark at Rawffest 2017

Making our Mark

We are delighted that Making our Mark is part of the Rawffest youth arts festival programme, which takes place at Venue Cymru, Llandudno 17 - 20 August 2017.


Making our Mark is an exhibition of work created by Criw Celf during a workshop at Oriel Davies in December 2016.

Watch the Making our Mark film here

Making our Mark is an outcome of the 'Criw Celf Christmas Party', a day-long collaborative workshop that took place on 17 December 2016 at Oriel Davies. The artists are a group of young people who come together as 'Criw Celf'* (Art Crew).  For the event, the group were placed in three random groups and were set a two-part challenge - the first part was to devise and create their own 'art tools' - for this they were provided with a range of 'low-tech' resources such as bamboo sticks, cardboard, nails, fabric, paint roller handles, wire, string,  tape and more.  The second part was to develop mark-making methods and designs or drawings with their art tools.  They were provided with plain wallpaper and flooring lino on which to work, and it was explained that the resulting artworks would be exhibited here in the TestBed space.  They were also aware that the art tools were to be exhibited.

The Christmas Party is the only event in the Criw Celf calendar where the young people involved are completely free to lead their own creativity.  The aim is to encourage collaboration, inventiveness, risk-taking and creativity, with other desirable outcomes being that working collaboratively will lead to new friendships, increased confidence and happiness and unexpected creative results.

Criw Celf is a project for young people aged between 12 and 18 from North Powys who have been identified as being able and talented in the visual arts.  It is part of a national initiative to nurture young talent in Wales.  The participants come together around 7 times a year to work with professional artists, to visit exhibitions, university fine art departments and artists' studios.Criw Celf is funded by the Arts Council of Wales and supported by Powys County Council.

For further information please ask at the reception desk or contact desk@orieldavies.org.

Published 26 July 2017
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