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Arm Around You

Sibyl Montague

11 February 2012 - 18 April 2012

Image 1 of 2 next >   Sibyl Montague 'Arm Around You' in Oriel Davies Gallery April 2012

Sibyl Montague combines video, installation and sculpture to investigate the relationship between materiality, process, duration and action.

Montague specifically uses everyday materials, such as card, vinyl, wood, paint and steel as sculptural elements to create site-specific environments. Within these environments objects form unsettling relationships, creating strange atmospheres, where both a sense of control and chaos are present.

The event is then presented to the viewer in a film, which documents and frames the layered associations and shifting forms. As part of Arm Around You, Oriel Davies has commissioned Montague to create a new work within the gallery space. The artist will capture on film the everchanging relationship between objects and materials over time within the site-specific environment of the gallery.

The exhibition also marks a recent departure in Montague’s practice. For the first time the artist will be displaying sculptural objects alongside the film pieces, offering the viewer an additional dimension to experience.

Sibyl Montague was born in Ireland and currently lives and works in London. She recently completed an MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art & Design. Montague won the student prize at RE:animate, Oriel Davies’ Open 2010 and this exhibition was awarded as part of her prize. Arm Around You is Montague's first solo exhibition.