Drawn from Observation | Tereska Shepherd

4 Sessions | Tuesday 03, 17 October & 07, 21 November 2017 | 10am – ... more >

Big Draw | Children and Family Workshops in The Kitchen

Every Saturday in October Oriel Davies invites children and their families to take part in the UK Big Draw Festival. We have scheduled ... more >

Basic Sewing | Jill Rolfe

2 Sessions | Monday 16 & 23 October 2017 | 10.30am – 3.30pm Tutor: Jill Rolfe
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Walsall Art Gallery

Criw Celf

Criw Celf is a project for young people aged between 12 and 18 from North Powys who have been identified as being able and talented in the visual arts.  It is part of a national initiative to nurture young talent in Wales. The participants come together around seven times a year to work with professional artists, to visit exhibitions, university fine art departments and artists' studios. Criw Celf North Powys is managed by Oriel Davies.

How to apply to take part in Criw Celf Oriel Davies

The Criw Celf programme runs from October to March every year (avoiding key revision and exam times). Events take place on Saturdays or during school holidays. 

To make an application, talented and enthusiastic young artists will need to submit an application form along with images of their work.

There are 24 spaces in Criw Celf Oriel Davies.  If you are successful a fee of £35 is payable and this includes all activities and events including art materials and trips.  There are usually around 6 or more events each year.  

N.B. Places for free school meal recipients are free.  We welcome talented young artists aged 12-18 from all backgrounds.

For more details or for an application form please contact:
Bethan Page, Criw Celf Co-ordinator | desk@orieldavies.org | 01686 625041
Alternatively, please speak to your Art Teacher at Secondary School, and ask to be nominated for Criw Celf Oriel Davies.

Criw Celf Programme of Activities 2017-18* 

*draft programme, details to be confirmed

October 2017
 - Collaborative Workshops - creative ice-breaker to get the participants to get to know each other.
- Working with Artist in Residence Simon Fenoulhet to explore working with lights, colour and optics to create artworks that will be exhibited  in The Kitchen until 27 January 2018.

November 2017: Trip to New Art Gallery Walsall to see the Legacies exhibition and the Garman Ryan Collection.

December 2017: The Criw Celf Visual Arts Careers Event and Christmas Party, together with participants from Criw Celf Ceredigion.

January 2018: Masterclasses with Artist Christine Mills - Exploring concepts and emotions through drawing and making. 

February 2018: Trip to Chester University's Fine Arts Department involving 3 taster workshops

Recent Criw Celf projects

Making our Mark | 14 January - 25 February 2017
The Making our Mark exhibition and video were both outcomes of a day-long collaborative workshop that took place in December 2016 at Oriel Davies.  Criw Celf participants were placed into three random groups and were set a two-part challenge - the first part was to devise and create their own 'art tools' - for this they were provided with a range of 'low-tech' resources such as cardboard, nails, fabric, paint roller handles, wire, string, glue guns, tape and more.  The second part was to work together to develop mark-making methods and designs or drawings with their art tools.  They were provided with plain wallpaper and flooring lino on which to work - the resulting artworks were to be exhibited as 'Making our Mark' in Oriel Davies in January-February 2017.

The aim of the collaborative workshop is to encourage collaboration, inventiveness, risk-taking and creativity, with other desirable outcomes being that working collaboratively will lead to making friends, an increase in confidence and unexpected creative results.

During August 2017 'Making our Mark' was also exhibited at Rawffest - the Youth Arts Festival, at Venue Cymru in Llandudno. This was a great opportunity for us to celebrate the success and creativity of Criw Celf Oriel Davies at a national level.

Watch the Making our Mark film here.

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Exhibition Visits - The New Art Gallery Walsall
In October 2016, 29 Criw Celf participants travelled with us by coach to the New Art Gallery Walsall, which is about an hour and a half from Oriel Davies (where most of our Criw Celf events take place.)  This was an amazing opportunity to visit a large-scale art gallery in an urban environment, and to see world class exhibitions by artists such as Eva Rothschild and inspiring exhibits from the Garman Ryan Collection. We spent a few hours at the gallery looking around and drawing, then we attended a fascinating gallery talk by the young artist Oliver Jones whose incredible chalk drawing was created specifically for exhibition on the top floor of the gallery. 

Chester University Fine Art Department Tasters
Our annual visit to Chester University's Fine Art Department has become a day we really look forward to.  The Department provides a day of taster activities which includes an opportunity to make a cast aluminium sculpture.  This is done in various ways but most recently participants carved into 'Thermolyte' building blocks and then poured molten aluminium into the recess.  Each young person came away with their own unique sculpture along with prints made in the printing workshop and drawings made under the tuition of the Head of Fine Art.  Our collaboration with the University gives an insight into what universities have to offer and an opportunity to work in specialist media, with experts and equipment that make this an exceptional day for Criw Celf's young participants.

Download: Criw Celf Publication 2017/18.

Find out more...
PBethan Page, Criw Celf Co-ordinator | desk@orieldavies.org | 01686 625041

Criw Celf is funded by the Arts Council of Wales and supported by Powys County Council.