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Here are two poems by Chris Kinsey. 'The Morning After the Clocks went back' won the 2008 BBC Wildlife Poet of the Year award and is published in 'Cure For a Crooked Smile' available from ODG shop. 'Dandelions' was a prize winner in the Kent and Sussex Poetry Competition.


The morning after the clocks went back –

Seven geese fly straight
for the bright face of the setting moon.

A pair of swans, firmly anchored
to their reflections,

whuch, whuch whuch
into creaking flight

but the tree creeper
already has

a morsel of the moon
in her throat

and is busy tucking it
into crevices of oak.


They walk the garden path arm in arm,
his old taunt drifts back
with late summer's downy seeds.

You're as strong as a lion

Even as she braced herself for the tease
pride made her strong.

a dandelion.

She hurled herself against his iron arms
fierce as a cub.

Then, she only knew the hollow leaves,
stems that popped milkily at the plucking
and the dizzy clocks that blew.

Now, she sees every parachute
is tipped with a chisel to widen
the cracks in his path.

She has seen roots buckle tarmac
slough off roads, pavements, airstrips
and leads him back inside.