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An evolving library of artist films and recordings made and commissioned by Oriel Davies Gallery in connection with past exhibitions and projects.

Oriel Factory: Paul Granjon

A documentary by Chris Keenan about the process of 'Oriel Factory' from start to finish. From an initial studio visit, to installation, robot-making and performance by Paul Granjon at the opening event. With commentary from Paul Granjon and the 'Factory Workers'. watch >

video 40 minutes

Fables From a new World: Jennie Savage

Fables From a new World: The life and times of T.H. Thomas as imagined by Jennie Savage. A walk through documentation of installation at Oriel Davies Gallery with extracts from MP3 soundtrack. The exhibition ran  5 February - 6 April, 2011. watch >

video 3 minutes

Pathways: Young Curators Seminar

Pathways: a Seminar on Young Curators & Youth Programmes in the Visual Arts. Part One: Sarah Coffils, Young People’s Projects Manager, South London Gallery, Art Assassins watch >

video 33 minutes

The Modes of Al-Ikseer: Harminder Singh Judge

'The Modes of Al-Ikseer' is a live performance installation which fuses contemporary pop culture, the aesthetics of advertising, tongue-in-cheek humour and epic symbolic imagery. It observes and locates the place of ancient religious symbolism and mythology within a world obsessed with capitalism, the celebrity ... watch >

video 30 minutes

Field Work: Dave Lewis

 Film: This film documents Dave Lewis' 'Field Work' Oriel Davies Gallery (17 April - 09 June 2010). watch >

video 5 minutes

Louphole: Simon Whitehead

Film: 'Louphole' 4 March 2010. This film was part of Simon Whitehead’s exhibition Afield at Oriel Davies Gallery (6 February – 7 April 2010) watch >

video 26 minutes

That morning he watched the dawn: Carwyn Evans

In a short documentary, about the making of 'That morning he watched the dawn', Carwyn Evans’ reflects on personal experiences and talks about wider social and political shifts in rural Wales, that have shaped is work. watch >

video 18 minutes

Extraordinary Days: Young Curators 2009

A documentary following the Oriel Davies Young Curators as they install teir exhibition, 'Extraordinary Days'. watch >

video 40 minutes

Art Factor Year 2 Animations

The Art Factor is an Oriel Davies project for young people aged 11 - 18 who are particularly talented in the visual arts. These animations were produced in an animation masterclass workshop in Spring 2014 at Oriel Davies led by Carolina Vasquez. watch >


Melanie Manchot 'Tracer'

A short film of the parkour performance at the opening of Melanie Manchot's 'Tracer' on 1st February 2014: Tracer from Oriel Davies on watch >