Life Drawing Classes

These fun, tutored sessions encourage individual strengths whilst exploring different aspects of drawing the human figure. The sessions are designed to ... more >

Rangoli: Art that Binds

Following the success of the 2017 Rangoli: Art that Binds project, as part the India/ Wales season of events with the more >

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Oriel Davies is developing this archive as a resource for those researching both visual arts and arts education. Divided into exhibitions, projects and Test Bed the archive is searchable using the search bar below or by browsing through the archive pages.


Digital Stories from Newtown
Various artists

This exhibition shows some of the rich and diverse personal stories made by local people in BBC new media workshops held at Oriel Davies. From the tale of a backgarden paradise to a beautiful yet brutal look at the art of metalwork, each story is unique - a rare glimpse into another persons world. more >

Test Bed 2007 27 October - 08 December

Painting of itererior

Matthew Wood
Matthew Wood

Matthew Wood is fascinated by the theme of landscape which has taken him throughout the UK and Europe. Wood paints on location, challenging himself to capture each scene in one sitting. For this project, the artist has situated himself in Oriel Davies Gallery and approached the interior spaces of the gallery as he would a landscape. more >

Test Bed 2007 08 September - 20 October

Old photogrpic portrait

Domestic Idylls
Clementina, Lady Hawarden

Clementina, Lady Hawarden was one of the pioneer women of photography, acclaimed in her life-time by many of her contemporaries, including Lewis Carroll. Her primary subjects were her daughters, whom she carefully posed to produce studies of mood, ambience and sensuality. These enchanting images have been rediscovered by a new generation. more >

Exhibition 2007 08 September - 20 October

man blowing

Things which are …
Maria Pyrlik, Bettina Beres, Grzegorz Sztwiertnia, Stanislaw Koba and Olgierd Chmielewski

‘Things which are...’ brings together five contemporary Polish artists. Grzegorz Sztwiertnia’s work references the history of art and medicine, while the paintings of Stanislaw Koba and Bettina Beres are striking in their simplicity of image. Using sound and video, Maria Pyrlik examines connections between people and Olgierd Chmielewski experiments with chance and accidental beauty in his delicate sculptures. more >

Exhibition 2007 14 July - 01 September

Abstract painting

En Route
Andrew Smith

'En Route' presents large-scale paintings by Andrew Smith. Over recent years the artist has immersed himself in an exploration of colour and form, pushing beyond painting’s usual frame. This exhibition shows paintings that were made at Otwarta Pracownia, Krakow in Poland, together with a major new work titled Negotiation. more >

Exhibition 2007 14 July - 01 September