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Following the success of the 2017 Rangoli: Art that Binds project, as part the India/ Wales season of events with the more >

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Oriel Davies is developing this archive as a resource for those researching both visual arts and arts education. Divided into exhibitions, projects and Test Bed the archive is searchable using the search bar below or by browsing through the archive pages.

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Wild Wales
Elen Bonner

Wild Wales is a series of scripted conversations looking at stereotypes of Welsh rural life and considers the relationship between cultural stereotype and identity. The artist offers a parody of Welsh rural life as a way of discussing her own identity and that of those around her. more >

Test Bed 2009 21 February - 25 April

Gallery installation detail

Sea Breathing
Helen Grove-White

Helen Grove-White’s artistic practice explores bodily relationships to the environment using personal experience as a reference. Her ongoing preoccupations have been concerned with walking and swimming, linking her to both the land and sea. Sea Breathing is at once contemplative and meditative, focusing on the human breath as the ultimate expression of our being. more >

Test Bed 2008 13 December - 14 February

Gallery installation detail

These Valued Landscapes
Various Artists

These Valued Landscapes explores the historic context of the representation of the landscape through text, photography, ceramics, sculpture and mixed media, by artists including Emily Cole, James Ireland, Idris Khan and Paul Scott. The exhibition looks into the landscape’s shift in value, from the critically underrated subject of the past to the highly valued genre it is today. more >

Exhibition 2008 13 December - 14 February

colour photograph shows grass and heather

Imperfect Transcriptions: the 24 Études of Frédéric Chopin, for Monique
David Gepp

Imperfect Transcriptions is a new series extraordinarily vivid photographs of grasses, gorse and meadow flowers by David Gepp. The photographs are shown alongside the poetry of RS Thomas and Chopin’s piano pieces, the 24 Études. The exhibition invites us into an intimate relationship with music and the natural environment and the deep issues of life. more >

Exhibition 2008 13 December - 14 February

Gallery installation detail

Lands End
Ruth Claxton

Ruth Claxton’s installation Lands End presents a sprawling, fantastical landscape of painted steel circles, towering metalwork, mirrors and coloured glass, populated with porcelain figurines collected from car-boot sales, junk shops and internet auction sites.The work aims to test our perceptual limits and illustrates the artist’s preoccupation with exploring different versions of reality, including virtual worlds. more >

Exhibition 2008 11 October - 29 November