Winter Concert at Oriel Davies

Exciting News! Royal Harpist Alis Huws and award winning flutist Carys Gittins will be performing a Winter Concert at Oriel Davies on Sunday 24th ... more >

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Oriel Davies is developing this archive as a resource for those researching both visual arts and arts education. Divided into exhibitions, projects and Test Bed the archive is searchable using the search bar below or by browsing through the archive pages.

Astronaut holding Welsh flag

Extraordinary Days
Young Curators 2009

Extraordinary Days is an exhibition looking at positivity and humour in contemporary art. It has been organised by the Oriel Davies Young Curators - a group of 14 young people based in mid Wales, aged between 16 and 23: Aishah, Becca, Caitlin, Claudia, Kelly, Kirsty, Laura, Nia, Sarah, Stephanie, Sophie, Rachael, Rhian and Rhys. more >

Exhibition 2009 04 July - 05 September

Gallery installation detail

Bed and Table
Bella Kerr

Bella Kerr describes Bed and Table as a spatial drawing. The work comprises installed objects which vary in scale and age. Kerr plays with the ‘miniature’ through the linking of tiny objects by fabric and threads. more >

Test Bed 2009 04 July - 05 September

Gallery installation detail

Transient Residence
Gaia Persico

Gaia Persico shows a range of compelling drawings, animations and installation work as part of her continued investigation into tracing memory and place, using subtle, poignant and often amusing interpretations of the immediate world and how we connect with it. Drawn ‘snapshots’ of urban infrastructures are shown alongside those of her rural homeland in Sardinia. more >

Exhibition 2009 02 May - 27 June

Gallery installation detail

Richard Monahan

From the repetition of figures upon generic wallpaper backgrounds to intricate drawn ‘wallpaper’ pieces, Richard Monahan’s work takes us on a journey where varying narratives develop and unfold. These sometimes suggest otherworldly, mythological or dream-like events, but are based on the memory of a particular wallpaper from the artist’s childhood home. more >

Exhibition 2009 02 May - 27 June

Video still

After Cravan
Ian Giles

Arthur Cravan, the celebrated Dadaist artist, was last seen alive in Salina Cruz, Mexico, in 1918 and by all accounts drowned in the Pacific the same year. Ian Giles’ After Cravan replays the ending to his demise. Giles’ work is humorous and often highly laborious. more >

Test Bed 2009 02 May - 27 June