Rangoli: Art that Binds

Following the success of the 2017 Rangoli: Art that Binds project, as part the India/ Wales season of events with the more >

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Oriel Davies is developing this archive as a resource for those researching both visual arts and arts education. Divided into exhibitions, projects and Test Bed the archive is searchable using the search bar below or by browsing through the archive pages.

Feather and wire dreamcatcher-like structure

I:I (Jones:Higlett)

An immersive installation, Phantasien is designed to evoke the altered states of consciousness of a mind slipping through transitions and boundaries, in and out of deep sleep. more >

Test Bed 2010 13 November - 19 January

Red lights

Lucent Lines
Simon Fenoulhet

Using a variety of traditional and new technologies, the artist illuminates shoelaces, drinking straws and plastic tubing, creating beautiful transformations to illusory effect. more >

Exhibition 2010 13 November - 19 January

Sing on tree reading "Where would you rather be"

Lines of Desire
Young Curators 2010

An exhibition which brings together artists who explore ideas connected with journeys, maps and routes, borders, timelines, songlines, narratives and story lines. This rich and ambitious show includes drawing, photography, moving image, sound and installation by 20 national and international artists. more >

Exhibition 2010 28 August - 03 November

Metal object suspended by chains

Shaun Stamp

Shaun Stamp’s work examines the human desire to understand the world and search for answers to human existence and development. In juxtaposition to this exploration and obsession with shaping the world, 'Tank' forms part of a wider inquiry into themes of probability and chance. more >

Test Bed 2010 28 August - 03 November

photograph of legs in torn fish net tights and dead leaves

Dawn Woolley

'Interloper' examines the act of looking and being looked at - a central theme in Woolley’s work. A photographic double replaces the artist, so that subject becomes object, forcing the viewer to question this boundary from a voyeuristic position. more >

Test Bed 2010 26 June - 18 August