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Rangoli: Art that Binds

Following the success of the 2017 Rangoli: Art that Binds project, as part the India/ Wales season of events with the mwy >

Oriel Davies Gallery
Y Parc, Y Drenewydd
Powys SY16 2NZ
Rhif ffôn: +44 (0) 1686 625041
Ffacs: +44 (0) 1686 623633
Llun-Gwener 10yb-5yh
Sadwrn 10yb-4yh



People’s Choice Prize winner

Davies, Monaghan & Klein, The Desperate Hours I and II, 2017

People’s Choice Prize winners
Davies, Monaghan & Klein, The Desperate Hours I and II, 2017, Mixed media with looped animated films showing as ‘live action’.

Shona Davies, Dave Monaghan and Jon Klein began collaborating in 2008 and our interests lie in exploring ideas around ‘loss’ in the broadest sense. This encompasses loss of hope, dignity, independence, habitat and life itself. They create miniature worlds, populated using a combination of hand-modelled and recycled found objects. These miniature worlds are brought to life with the use of stop frame animation and the creation of soundscapes, incorporating imagined diegetic sound. The films are housed within constructed installations that allow them to be watched through controlled viewpoints, inviting the audience inside to experience the disquieting and unsettling mise-en-scènes.  

The Desperate Hours Diptych I and II the explores the impact of the systematic disinvestment in the NHS and Prison service. In a hospital ward we view the effects of underfunding from the perspective of a patient. An animated film shows as live action revealing the struggle to maintain wellbeing in a chaotic and understaffed ward.  In the prison environment, we glimpse the occupant of a cell and beyond that a doorway which offers an insight into life inside. A looped animated film observes the struggle to maintain order and discipline, while our viewpoint reveals an attempt by a prisoner to reconcile feelings of hopelessness through the solace offered by religion and drugs.

Shona Davies, Dave Monaghan and Jon Klein are based in London.

Cyhoeddwyd 27 Medi 2018
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