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SIOP Dydd Mawrth - Dydd Sadwrn 11-4

CAFFI Dydd Mawrth - Dydd Sadwrn 11-4

ORIEL Y CAFFI: Melvyn Evans: Argraffnod y Tir

ORIEL 1: Ein Ynysoedd: Arddangosfa yn Dathlu Celfyddyd Bywyd Gweledig

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ORIEL 2: DAC Gwobr Celf (Mis Tachwedd)




HOUSE Q&A: Amy Sterly

*Sut mae themâu’r tŷ, cartref a chartrefgarwch yn cael eu dangos yn eich gwaith? “My work is concerned with the forms that make up our modern landscape: a building, a house, a tower or skyscraper.  The forms in which we live, work, love, communicate.  They define who we are.  We communicate through them.  They have a relationship to us and the landscape.  

The houses shown in my work are taken from local rural scenes or from the property ads, with the titles directly taken from descriptions in the ad.  They seem to me to be cynical views of properties where they are used as commodities, and not as homes.  The cost of houses go up while the value of a home goes down. 

I also like to imply a narrative in the work, but with comic asides or exclamations taken from comics.  The words are out of context so it is up to the viewer to decide the stories within the images.  I love the different stories that people see.  Especially the children, who have no problem with the odd juxtaposition!”­­­­

*Beth mae 'tŷ' a 'cartref' yn ei olygu i chi?  “A home should be somewhere of safety and comfort.  A place to relax and raise a family.  A place to escape from the trials of the working day.” 

*Pam wnaethoch chi benderfynu archwilio’r themâu hyn yn eich gwaith? “Being from Chicago, the vastness of the skyscrapers of the city always had an effect on me – it seemed that they had a life of their own, that man could not have built these giant edifices.  And yet they serve as shelters for hundreds of people, protect them from the chaos of the city.  When I moved to the UK, it took me a long time to assimilate the different landscape, and use the scenery in my work. Wales has a tradition of artists coming to paint and draw the quaint cottages and landscapes, and I wanted to use that, but subvert the rural idyll to explore what might be hiding behind the closed doors.  Create a new narrative for modern times.”

*Sut mae eich tŷ yn edrych? “Cosy, small, homely.  A small country timber framed cottage, a Welsh rural idyll!”

*Beth sy’n ysbrydoli eich gweithiau creadigol? “The Finnish architect, Alvar Aalto, wrote:  

“buildings, like music, register and amplify the emotions of our times” 

This exemplifies my work.

“By night the skyscraper looms in the smoke and the stars

      and has a soul.”  

 from ‘Skyscraper’ by Carl Sandburg”


HOUSE is showing at Oriel Davies until 27 January 2016 and features work on the themes of home and domesticity by six artists.

To accompany the show, we are featuring an artist a week on social media with an exclusive Q&A about the work in their show.

To download each artist's Q&A please click the links below as they become available:

Frances Carlile

Ainsley Hillard

Jeanette Orrell

Charlotte Squire

Amy Sterly

Felicity Warbrick


Mae HOUSE yn arddangos yn Oriel Davies tan 27 Ionawr 2016, ac mae’r arddangosfa’n cynnwys gwaith ar themâu’r cartref a bywyd cartref gan chwe artist.

I gyd-fynd â'r sioe, rydym yn cynnwys artist yr wythnos ar gyfryngau cymdeithasol, a sesiwn Cwestiwn ac Ateb unigryw am y gwaith yn eu sioe.

I lawrlwytho sesiwn Cwestiwn ac Ateb pob artist, cliciwch ar y dolenni isod wrth iddynt ddod ar gael:

Frances Carlile

Ainsley Hillard

Jeanette Orrell

Charlotte Squire

Amy Sterly

Felicity Warbrick

Cyhoeddwyd 18 Ionawr 2016
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