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SIOP Dydd Mawrth - Dydd Sadwrn 11-4

CAFFI Dydd Mawrth - Dydd Sadwrn 11-4

ORIEL Y CAFFI: Melvyn Evans: Argraffnod y Tir

ORIEL 1: Ein Ynysoedd: Arddangosfa yn Dathlu Celfyddyd Bywyd Gweledig

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ORIEL 2: DAC Gwobr Celf (Mis Tachwedd)




HOUSE Artist C & A: Jeanette Orrell

HOUSE Artist Q&A: Jeanette Orrell

HOUSE Artist C & A: Jeanette Orrell

*Sut mae themâu’r tŷ, y cartref a chartrefgarwch yn cael eu dangos yn eich gwaith? "The subject matter comes from family relationships and the home including everything that surrounds it. I am interested in the objects I use everyday, and through this continual use, I find that these objects have a particular beauty and expansive meaning. Of course I am aware of the political and philosophical issues associated with women and domesticity. My life has not come from a place of financial privilege but rather from a position of choice and collaboration. Strong feelings, emotional attachments and personal connections sometimes manifest themselves as an object or image."

*Beth mae 'tŷ' a 'cartref' yn ei olygu i chi? "House and home are transitory things. They are as much a psychological space as they are a physical one. They are different for me now than they where when I was a young child, I have many very clear memories of our house/home from that time, one of which was arriving home for the first time to an empty house; my father at work and my siblings at secondary school, they would arrive home later than myself. This time that I was alone whilst so young was terrifying and very long. The house did not feel warm and welcoming, but once my other family members arrived home I would immediately feel a sense of relief. Warm feelings would take over from the feelings of fear and anxiety. Maybe, subconsciously, I had a strong association with family being associated with home. I later began to go to my grandparents' house after school, and would continue to do so until I left home to go to art school. It was a warm welcoming place and I have taken much influence from it into many subsequent homes."

*Pam wnaethoch chi benderfynu archwilio’r themâu hyn yn eich gwaith? "It was direct and unconscious at the same time, a response to my childhood and a reflection of womanhood, motherhood. I have a "need" to find a way of recording my life, reflecting on the everyday, developing my identity and physically creating and making work. You often hear writers explaining how they write about what they know. Artists often use what they know as a springboard for exploration. We take the known, the ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary. We challenge ourselves, and (by sharing through exhibitions) others to look at the routines, the objects, the everyday which may open up all sorts of questions. I don't consciously explore the themes of feminism, social change, politics. They are inherent. I am a woman who is an artist working her way through life finding challenges and inspiration along the way. The work I make tends to be sensitive and emotional, it creates an atmosphere that is not dissimilar to that of the home. Exploring themes of memory, of nostalgia and of the sentimental, I am directly referencing feelings that I associate with the home."

*Sut mae eich tŷ yn edrych? "Simple, full, quiet"

*Beth sy’n ysbrydoli eich gweithiau creadigol? "I couldn’t name a favourite though, there are too many…for example; as a young student I really loved Ben Nicholson’s work and this has endured. Later I began to enjoy Louise Bourgeois' work and writing, The Language of Things, Kettle’s Yard, Bloomsbury, Charleston, Tove Jansson, Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson, Jeanette Winterson, domestic objects, functional beauty. I find inspiration from a diverse range of sources. The colour and tone of interior paintwork, the lives of creative people, the cut of particular clothes. I enjoy very simple things. I feel that the essence of so much can be found in the contemplation of small things. I like subtlety and quiet. “Woolf, the explorer of private, interior, feminine spaces, becomes also a shrewd, strenuous, eager observer of life, a woman in many ways obsessed with injustice and therefore strongly politicised… This is a life of heroism, not of oppression, a life of writing wrestled from illness, fear and pain." Hermione Lee’s Autobiography of Virginia Woolf (1996)"


Mae HOUSE yn arddangos yn Oriel Davies tan 27 Ionawr 2016, ac mae’r arddangosfa’n cynnwys gwaith ar themâu’r cartref a bywyd cartref gan chwe artist.

I gyd-fynd â'r sioe, rydym yn cynnwys artist yr wythnos ar gyfryngau cymdeithasol, a sesiwn Cwestiwn ac Ateb unigryw am y gwaith yn eu sioe.

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