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SIOP Dydd Mawrth - Dydd Sadwrn 11-4

CAFFI Dydd Mawrth - Dydd Sadwrn 11-4

ORIEL Y CAFFI: Melvyn Evans: Argraffnod y Tir

ORIEL 1: Ein Ynysoedd: Arddangosfa yn Dathlu Celfyddyd Bywyd Gweledig

Cyn hir:

ORIEL 2: DAC Gwobr Celf (Mis Tachwedd)




HOUSE Artist C & A: Charlotte Squire

HOUSE Artist C & A: Charlotte Squire


*Sut mae themâu’r tŷ, y cartref a chartrefgarwch yn cael eu dangos yn eich gwaith? “I use domestic materials in site specific installations that tend to be in the public domain - the lightstacks were originally conceived for an empty shop in Oxford High St as Strange Fruit and it has evolved over time. I have also made pieces for a market arcade in Brixton, a church in Deptford, a garage in New Cross, an antiques restoration warehouse and auction house. The work manifests as a personal human presence in space that has been left empty or space that is unused.”


*Beth mae 'tŷ' a 'cartref' yn ei olygu i chi? “House has come to mean ‘property’ in the light of the recent (London) boom. Different to home, which is resonant of belonging, of family congregating. It is a place where family social history is founded that is personal and changing, and gains continuity through the people who live there. I guess what both share is describing human habitat, one personal and internal, the other impersonal and external.”


*Pam wnaethoch chi benderfynu archwilio’r themâu hyn yn eich gwaith? “When my sons were small, I spent time at home with them and was surprised by how much I connected with the role previous generations had played out before me. There almost seemed a genetic connection with the action of parenting in domestic space, but I could also see the changing quality of the city I grew up in to what went previously and to the experience my sons would have.”


*Sut mae eich tŷ yn edrych? “Lived in, full to the gills, personal. We have furniture made by my partner who makes metalwork furniture, photos by my Dad and brother in law, paintings by my mum and my mother in law, ceramics from my brother and his wife who are potters. I am an avid car booter and find objects that might be installation materials or might get absorbed by the house- a family favourite is a stuffed stoat from a carboot sale, I also found a small blonde wig at the same car boot that fits the stoat perfectly.

Books are of major importance to me at home - we have a bookshelf in every room and columns of stacked books on the floor where the shelves are too full.”


*Beth sy’n ysbrydoli eich gweithiau creadigol? “Susan Collis fabulous embroidered paint rings, turquoise & gold rawl plugs shown at a contemporary craft exhibition at the V&A a few years back - they were a celebration of beauty in the ordinary and low value.

Gordon Matta-Clarke, an American artist from the 60s who cut slices through the architecture of buildings to create light wells and opening cut vistas through the walls and floors. They give a hugely exciting effect of freedom and irreverence with architectural space. Louise Bourgeoise for her exploration of domestic space as internal or psychological space.”


Mae HOUSE yn arddangos yn Oriel Davies tan 27 Ionawr 2016, ac mae’r arddangosfa’n cynnwys gwaith ar themâu’r cartref a bywyd cartref gan chwe artist.

I gyd-fynd â'r sioe, rydym yn cynnwys artist yr wythnos ar gyfryngau cymdeithasol, a sesiwn Cwestiwn ac Ateb unigryw am y gwaith yn eu sioe.

I lawrlwytho sesiwn Cwestiwn ac Ateb pob artist, cliciwch ar y dolenni isod wrth iddynt ddod ar gael:

Frances Carlile

Ainsley Hillard

Jeanette Orrell

Charlotte Squire

Amy Sterly

Felicity Warbrick


Cyhoeddwyd 01 Rhagfyr 2015
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